Samuel Nesan responds to Explain Apologetic's question of the week by Muki Msami, on the Doctrine of Trinity.
'Hello, I would like to ask a question and preferably get an answer with a quality justifiable by reason (rational). I used the word "preferably" because I understand that matters of faith can be "tricky" and many questions end up unanswered because of requirement of "special" reasoning. So here goes:
1. Does "the Father" have a son?
2. Does "the Son" have a son?
3. Does "the Holy" spirit have a son?
Logic dictates that, in order for the Trinity to be "true", all the above questions should have "yes" as the answer otherwise "false". From what I know, "the Father" has a son(Jesus). The son (Jesus) doesn't have a son. Never heard of the holy spirit's son so I guess no son too. So just from this concept, the two, (the Father and Jesus are very distinct in that one has a son and one doesn't). Please tell how similar are these differences.'
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Comment of the Week 1: How is Christ (and the Spirit) equal to the Father if He (they) have no Son?

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