Samuel Nesan responds to our "Comment of the Week" sent in by Shin Hwei:

"So I was confused with an article I read online, regarding a recent post that went viral on Facebook about form 5 pendidikan Islam teaching Muslims to beat their wives.
After that, another post went viral when they went on and found that the pendidikan Islam textbooks were teaching Muslims to kill any among them who strayed from the their Islamic teachings or essentially went rogue (the exact word was murtad, but that's what I came to understand that word meant based on form 4 sejarah).
And underneath the post in the comments section there was this one guy who shared a link saying that such texts were not from the Quran but from the Bible.
They even quoted some of Deuteronomy and I know not to just take verses for their surface meaning without context and i searched up the actual book but I'm still kind of confused so"

Samuel employs a two-fold approach in responding the comment above: (1) Explaining the context of the commands in Deuteronomy and (2) Applying that command in light of Jesus and the New Testament.

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Comment of the Week 3: The Bible Commands the Killing of Apostates?

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